Vastu Shastra Consultancy


It is an ancient science of Indian origin, used by our ancestors for every type of buildings.

This is the ultimate combination of the natural elements like Ashtadisha (Eight Directions) Pancha Mahatatvas (Five basic elements like Akash, Jal, Vayu, Agni & Prithvi (Sky, Water Air, Fire & Earth), electro-magnetic field, cosmic rays to create the positive & auspicious energy for the betterment of the owner & other people living or working in the building.

Various financial problems, losses in business, harassment at the work places, family problems, disputes, accidents, untimely deaths, unending health problems, bad habits, addictions, educational problems of the children, non healthy atmosphere in the house/workplaces, malpractices in the business, susceptible behaviors.

There is unending list of the problems; surprisingly all are related with the Vastu defects. But they are curable by the remedial measures. The defects can be rectified up to 95% by remedies without destruction of the structure.


  • Planning & Designing services:
    • Planning of Residential, commercial, Industrial, Institutional & all types of buildings.
    • Interior designing services of all types of buildings as per Vastushastra.
  • Consultancy Services
    • Selection of plots as per Vastushastra.
    • Vastu guidelines for construction of the projects for speedy & satisfactory completion.
    • Remedies for existing structures without destruction.


Milind C. Ankalgi
B.E.Civil, MBA (Finance), Vastu Shastra Consultant
(Member of Vastu Shastra Education & Research Foundation.)

Phone : 020 24433 829
Mobile : 9422069281/9372701574

Email : milind [at] chintanmaniproducts [dot] com
Email : milindankalgi [at] rediffmail [dot] com

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