Rising up to meet the challenge of converting a waste product and pollutant into a useful resource, EcoCrete is a solution which provides a Classified brand of fly ash that is not only Eco-Friendly but also gives great Economic Advantage by lowering the total cost of construction projects. Read More »

Fly Ash Cement Bricks

As we are aware that due to the haphazard growth in constructional activities, environment is getting affected. We should try to minimize the environmental losses by utilizing the eco friendly products as our social responsibility. The conventional bricks we are using are prepared from the natural soil which is the huge loss of environment as the reproduction of the soil takes the decades. Ultimately we are going to create the great environmental imbalance for our future generations. Read More »

Interlocking Paving Blocks (Pavers)

Interlocking blocks are heavy & aesthetically better of the best options ! They are having great crushing strength & can be removed or replaced easily. They can be laid directly on the hard surface; hence no PCC (plain cement concrete) is required. They come in various shapes & designs & can be manufactured in any desired colour. They can be manufactured in various Sizes i.e. 60mm to 100mm (thickness) to withstand the desired loads from 30 to 60 kg/ Read More »

Chequered or Parking Tiles

This is the aesthetic but economical solution for common areas, parking & verandahs. In short it is the low cost substitute for paving blocks for light loads. It also comes in various designs & colours. Read More »

Rubber Mould & Lacquered Finish Products

Rubber Mould Tiles and Lacquered Finish Paving Blocks can be used to add a touch of glammour and asthetics to any surface. Read More »

Trading Of Fly Ash & Pond Ash

We supply fly ash and pond ash for use in the concrete, bricks manufacturing & other construction activities. With IS sieve analysis tests, available in bags & truck loads. Read More »

Trading Of Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing Machines

We also deal with the automatic & all types of brick machines with capacity of 15000 to 25000 bricks per shift. Read More »

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