Rising up to meet the challenge of converting a waste product and pollutant into a useful resource, EcoCrete is a solution which provides a Classified brand of fly ash that is not only Eco-Friendly but also gives great Economic Advantage by lowering the total cost of construction projects.

We have entered the market with two products and will be adding innovative products to our product line soon. Currently the following products are being shipped in 30 Kg Bags, 40 Kg Bags & Bulk Tankers for larger requirements:

E60 Grade Fly Ash
E60 grade of fly ashwill be used as a replacement for all grades of concrete. This product has a particle size retaining @ 20% on 45 micron sieve.

E40 Grade Fly Ash
E40 grade is a coarser byproduct from thermal power plants. This product has a particle size retaining @ 35% on 45 micron sieve.

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