Fly Ash Cement Bricks

As we are aware that due to the haphazard growth in constructional activities, environment is getting affected. We should try to minimize the environmental losses by utilizing the eco friendly products as our social responsibility. The conventional bricks we are using are prepared from the natural soil which is the huge loss of environment as the reproduction of the soil takes the decades. Ultimately we are going to create the great environmental imbalance for our future generations.

Here we are manufacturing the bricks without using the natural soil; instead we are utilizing the fly ash i.e. the byproduct from the thermal power plants, which is the biggest threat to the environment as the disposal of the fly ash is the great problem. Hence, we are reducing the loss of natural soil & utilizing the fly ash as the replacement, thus we are benefiting the environment.

We are producing the bricks in the conventional sizes (width, height, length)

  1. 4” x 3” x 9” (75 x 100 x 230mm)
  2. 6” x 3” x 9” (75 x 150 x 230mm)

Compressive Strengths : @ 60kg to 100 kg/
Composition : cement, fly ash, aggregates, crush sand etc.


  • Accuracy & Uniformity of size & shape which leads to saving in the mortar & labour time
  • These are having clear edges
  • Least breakages up to 2% whereas the conventional bricks having breakages & wastages above 10%
  • Requires less material & time for plastering/finishing work
  • Gives better aesthetics even without plastering/finishing
  • Plastering can be eliminated in case of finishing with plaster of Paris
  • Compressive strength up to 100kg/ for conventional bricks it is @ 35kg/

Above all it will be the little contribution from us to help the environment & ultimately our future generations !

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